A Summer In Goa – Awesome Sex Experience – hindi story

Hey readers, I am from Mumbai, and work gets over me sometimes. Let me share about my sex experience with you guys. So, this summer, I decided to take a break for a few days to Goa. I was putting up in south Goa. I was staying in Candolim, I have come across a lot of agents trying to hook me up with girls but I never got into that action.

Then, one fine morning, I went out to the Candolim beach, hoping to catch sight of some action. I was sipping my beer while catching the sight of some hot blonde soaking the sun. There were two girls and a guy sitting next to me in the same shack. There was a constant eye contact going on with one girl but I thought I would take my time.

The girl and the guy left to the beach, and this girl was still sitting and sipping her beer. The sight of this gave me a thousand thought ( I might have been wrong here). I walked to this girl, asked her, her name “Riya”- she said, with full of smiles and I had gotten my approval. I introduced myself to her and offered her company and she readily agreed.

We got talking and came to know that she was a bong, and I don’t know I got a boner in my pant instantly. Maybe she had realized this. I offered her some grass, and we decided to go back to the hotel where we could smoke. And she without informing her friends left with me. Let me give you an insight about her stats, she had flesh at all the right places and her ass was something that I wasn’t being able to keep my eyes off.

We were a couple of beer down, while on the way to the hotel in that Scooty, she caught hold of me very tightly, and I was trying to scare her. All this while, I was constantly hard and maybe she would have realized this by now. We got to the hotel, had some more beers and smoked up. Then, she started blabbering some random shit and I thought she might pass out. So, I took her to the bed and she pulled me in.

Riya: bastard, your dick needs some fun.
I was taken aback and started kissing her like a mad horny bastard. But she was much hornier than me. So, she stripped all my clothes and hers, and we were kissing like a hell, licking each other every part.

I love licking her pussy, and I got down to my glory hole. She was moaning hard, mumbling “Don’t do this, ahhh ahh ahhhh”. She was hitting her orgasm after licking her pussy for nearly 15 mins. Then, she took my dick into her mouth and started licking it. I was never blown by anyone like her.

I took out a condom but she resisted and asked her to fuck without a condom. Since I was also tripping that, I agreed with her. We were biting each other like crazy. I got on top of her and started stroking her fast and she was moaning. I could see the pleasure in her face which got me more excited and started stroking her harder.

This went for another ten mins and I was about to cum and she told me to cum on her body. And I did that and her full body was covered by my cum. We had a smoke together and went to take a bath together.

She started sucking me again and I was hard again to ride her. She was driving me mad. After kneeling on the floor, she held my dick like a tool and took it into her mouth. Soon, she started a nice blowjob and I could sense a hardcore sex following this. I pushed her against the wall and pushed my dick from behind. I began to stroke my penis deep inside her ass very hard and she moaned aloud. That day, we fucked the whole night after coming from a party.

We had multiple sessions over the two days. If you liked my story, write to me on [email protected] for more fun. Mumbai based girls.

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