In the bus with my aunt

My name is Danish and I recently turned 19 years of age. I was born in a small village some ways from the coastal city of Karachi, but ever since my admission in a prestigious Karachi University I’ve had to move to the city, into the home of my uncle and aunt.

My uncle (father’s brother) has a Job in the city that often requires for him to be out of town, and he lives in Karachi with his wife, Erum.

My aunt, whom I call ‘chachi’ is 31 years of age. A fair complexion, long shapely legs, narrow hips, a well proportioned chest and a fantastic ass, is what makes my Chachi the subject of many a young man’s lust. Her choice of clothing is more often than not: tight, short Kurta and Shalwar.

This story takes place in the winter of last year when my uncle had to leave town for work, and since I was on my winter break from college myself and chachi had travelled back to our village to visit my family.

Having spent a week at the village it was time for my classes to start again and thus my older brother dropped chachi and me off at the bus station, where we got in and began a three hour journey back to karachi.

Roughly 15-20 minutes into the bus ride I realized that I had made a mistake, I’d drank a little too much water before leaving home, and it was making its effects known on my bladder; I suddenly had to pee really badly.

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I remembered that this bus made no stops on the route and then resolved to hold it until we reached Karachi, where I would be able to pee at the station. However I was severely mistaken, not more than an hour into the ride my need to pee had risen at an alarming rate. I was constantly rubbing my thighs together and bouncing around on my seat in an effort to hold onto my bubbling piss. I had a hand holding my crotch as well, to aid the effort. This caught the attention on my chachi who told me angrily to stop touching myself inappropriately. I couldn’t help but notice her cheeks had turned a little red when she looked at what I was doing.

I quickly apologised and removed the hand from my crotch. But this made holding my pee all the more difficult I was bouncing up and down constantly in my desperate state.

My chachi looked at me again, but this time in understanding instead of anger.

“Danish beta do you have to go toilet?”

“Yes, I have to go pee really bad chachi” I replied, my face turned red in shame.

She then asked me why I hadn’t went to the toilet before we left, to which I had no adequate reply. She confirmed that we were still only halfway to karachi and much of the journey remained, and asked me if I could hold it until we got back.

I replied “No..”

After pondering over it for a few seconds chachi called for the bus’s driver and said.
“Will this bus make a stop before Karachi, my nephew has to use the toilet.”

The conductor, who looked 25 or 26, had a clean shaved sharp face and neatly trimmed hair, eyed my up and down and laughed a little.

“Haha.” he said “You’re grown now kid, learn to hold it in” and went back to the front talking to the bus hostess about the situation.

I blushed again since now many people on the bus became aware of my dire need and no doubt started talking about it.

20 more minutes passed and I was now holding my dick with both hands and my legs were crossed over each other, It was everything I could do to not pee right there. The cool air of the AC overhead was making my job even harder. Unsure if I’d be able to hold on any longer I leaned over to my chachi and whispered in her ear.

“Chachi I can’t hold me susu anymore, I’m about to wet my pants”

My chachi eyed the situation in the bus and then looked back at me and said “There is ONE way I know that might be able to help you.” with her cheeks becoming a little red.
I was beyond desperate so I quickly agreed to any idea that would help my situation.

“Whatever you can do chachi!!” I said desperately “If I wet my pants in the bus at 19 years of age, I’ll be laughed at for the rest of my life.”

Chachi took a deep breath and said to me “ Ok’ I’ll show you. If a man has an erection he cannot pee, thus if you are able to maintain an erection right now your need will lessen.”

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I had often dreamed of doing lewd things with my chachi, but the prospect of doing it in a bus full of people and a bladder full of urine seemed like a risky idea, but I agreed to it anyway.

My chachi softly undid the buttons of my faded blue jeans and popped my, as of yet, soft dick from grey jockeys. As it was night time the other passengers couldn’t see what was going on our seat exactly and my chachi had placed her shawl over my lap as well, minimizing our risk of being caught.

Softly and gently she played with my limp dick with her soft, milky fingers until it became hard. She stroked it up and down gently until I got a full erection. She slowed her pace there and kept slowly massaging my dick.

I was in immense pleasure, my body had become hot and heavy and I was breathing hard. I was in pure ecstatic heat. About a minute in some precum leaked out and Chachi looked over to me and said.

“Try not to ejaculate, since your need to pee will become worse, just try to maintain the erection.” She said blushing red.

This, however, was harder said than done. My chachi looked like an angel of lust, and it was nearly impossible to delay the inevitable against her thin soft wrists and her small, skilled fingers that went up and down my dick to a sultry rhythm..

It was in this state then that I suddenly got an eyeful of her tits. She had chosen to wear, uncharacteristically, a Kameez with a loose deep neck.In her bent state I could clearly view most of her cleavage in addition to her hard nipples that now poked through her, rather small, bra and her shirt. That was too much.

My dick hardened even further and chachi was forced to increase the speed of her jerking. In a matter of seconds I exploded, spewing hot cum into my pants, my underwear and my aunt’s beautiful hand.

Chachi got startled by the amount of cum I had expelled and the front of my pants had become a little sticky as well. I leaned back in my seat and kept breathing hard. Chachi removed her hand from my pants. She eyed her hand and thought of what to do about the cum all over it. But soon she saw the bus hostess walking in our direction.

In a state of panic my chachi, not realizing what to do, started licking off my cum from her hand and swallowing it. She gulped it all down before the hostess got to us.

The bus hostess was an attractive young woman, who couldn’t have been an year older than me. She was dressed in a tight blue blouse and an equally tight pair of trousers, both of which showed off her figure marvelously.

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She walked towards us in slow calculated steps, her ass swaying back and forth with each step on the rocky bus. The boys on that bus were being treated to a free show. However I had not the luxury to be thinking of such trivial things as sex, since I was on the verge of wetting my pants.

When the hostess reached us she told my chachi that the bus would stop in another 20 minutes, and I could take that opportunity to go to the toilet. She smiled slyly at me and giggled, which made me blush too.

This seemed like a fine solution had it not been for the fact that I could not wait another 20 minutes. I was on the verge of peeing myself again after my ejaculation.

I looked to my chachi desperately and told her my condition. That I wouldn’t be able to hold it in for another 20 minutes, and that I needed her to help me again.

“What can I do now Danish?” she asked, “You’ve already came, giving you another erection is nearly impossible now.”

“Nearly” I repeated the word in some hope.

Chachi eyed me critically again and raised her eyebrow a little. She then said she was going to ‘take a nap’ and put her head on my lap, and put the shawl over her head. She lowered my pants and underwear once again with her soft hands and put my soft, sticky dick in her mouth and started playing around with it using her tongue. It got a little harder but still nowhere near full erection so chachi put her right hand inside my pants underneath me. Using the fingers of this hand she slowly carressed my asscrack while she sucked on my dick.

My need to pee receded quickly when I got an erection, but I still wasn’t sporting a fully hard dick. Chachi realized this and started sucking on my cock even harder, bobbing her head up and down on my crotch.

Suddenly she took the middle finger of her right hand, which was playing with my ass, and inserted it into my asshole, which sent an electric current through my body and made me wince. She moved the finger inside my ass a little and sucked on my dick for a few more minutes before I came again, this time directly into her mouth. She gulped hard and swallowed my cum, removed her finger from my ass and sat back straight on her seat.

Having ejaculated again there was no way I was going to be able to get an erection again, and with my need to pee back at full force I was forced to cross my legs again. I put a hand over my dick and pushed it down towards the seat of my underwear and jeans in a futile effort to stop the flood. After a few more minutes I suddenly leaked in my pants for a few seconds. My dick shot hot piss down on to the ass of my underwear and then my jeans.

I could feel the warm wetness on my ass as another 5 second spurt of piss escaped my bladder and this time the pee passed through my pants onto the seat below, making a stain. I felt the bus slowing down and realized the stop must be nearby. I stood up even before the bus had stopped so I would be the first to get out.

As soon as I got up, chachi saw the wet ass of my jeans and the stain on the seat underneath.

“Danish did you leak in your pants?” She gasped.

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“Only a little I replied, I can hold the rest” I replied with shameful tears welling up in my eyes.

As soon as the bus stopped I started running for the door, with wet pants and my hands between my legs. I could see people: some surprised, some laughing , and some using their phone cameras to record my shame. Little children were telling their mothers that even big kid pee in their pants. More tears welled up in my eyes as I got off the bus.

Before I could even get off the bus I leaked a little more and my thighs and legs became wet till my knees. We were stopped at a petrol station and there was a shop about a hundred meters away that had a toilet sign behind it, but I had already started peeing and couldn’t hope to make it to the the toilet. So I faced away from the bus, hiked my pants down and started peeing right there. Where the entire bus could see my bare wet ass. By the time I finished my pee other people had started getting off the bus, to go to the toilet. They were all looking at me, some sympathetic some laughing. People took their little children off the bus to take them to the toilet, all children younger than me with dry pants. Soon my chachi got off and came to me.

“It’s ok” she said ,holding my head against her chest and kissing it. “Everyone has accidents from time to time. And then she led me towards the washroom behind the shop to get me cleaned up.

To be continued.

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