Mansi, the topless Model

Hello Indian sex story readers. I am back on with another story. You have probably read about Mansi and her sex eroticas and escapades already, If you haven’t, be sure to read them all. Now, lets get cracking 🙂

Mansi was now a pure slut. She was fucked and used well by Ashraful, my Bangladeshi servant, and his friends.. She was ass-fucked, gangbanged and fucked at public places too. She was now a slut and wanted more cocks.

Later that year, I got transferred to Delhi. I had visited Delhi before and knew the place. We rented a small house in Karol Bagh. It was small but spacious, with a balcony too.

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My office was not too far from our rented house. I joined office once we were done with the setup.

One day, while I was getting ready, Mansi looked at me with a quizzed look.

“Amar, I want to learn Photography”, She said, holding my tie.

I was taken a back. I never knew she had a penchant for Photography!

“Wow! I didn’t knew you liked Photography, Mansi”, I said.

“I know..”, She moved closer too me,” I just want to keep myself busy”.

“Alright, do whatever you want”, I said as I was about to leave, “Just be sure to keep your Google Map working. I don’t want you to get lost”.

I smirked.

That day Mansi did a google search for Photography classes / Studios nearby. She found one affordable studio near Ghaziabad. She took an appointment and paid the studio a visit.

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She was there by 11 am. Since Amar wasn’t at home, she had all the time to explore and she wanted to learn photography. The name of the Studio was Jhankar studio. It was located in an old building. The lane leading to it was deserted and only a few shops were open.

“Hello, I am Mansi, I called for the photography lessons”, She said entering the studio.

A middle aged man, sitting behind the desk looked up. He was busy editing a photo on the laptop. It was a semi-nude photo on a girl. Mansi took a quick view and continued.

“Please tell me about the course and fees”.

“Sure”, the man got up and waved at her,” please come in, I’ll let you know everything”.

Mansi followed in.

Inside of the studio was dark, with only a small yellow bulb at one corner. There was a small stage / podium like structure in the middle with umbrella-lights all around it.

“Please sit”, the man said.

Mansi sat on a stool near the podium. The man went and flicked on a switch. The room was now flooding with light. Mansi saw camera equipment and other things all around her.

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“So, tell me Madam”, the man sat near Mansi,” why do you want to learn photography?”.

Mansi gave him a quizzed look.

“I mean, you are more like a Model, you know”, he shrugged,” Why don’t you try Modelling? It pays more and is better than being a photographer”.

“Ahh… I never gave it a thought, sir”, Mansi said.

“Please call me Harish”, the man said as he checked her skin tone with one of this equipment, ” Your skin is perfect for Modeling, Mansi… why don’t you go for a test photoshoot now?”.

The statement was very sudden for Mansi. She had not expected of it.

She stayed silent for a while and then nodded with hesitation.

“Don’t worry, it’s going to be a normal photo-shoot. If you do great, I will teach you photography for free. Plus you get to make more money in Modelling.” Harish said as he stood up and went to the podium.

He arranged the umbrella-lights and adjusted the view.

“Please come”, he motioned Mansi to sit on the podium.

Mansi got up and sat as instructed. She was not afraid of Modelling.

“I hope you are open-minded. To make big in Modelling, you need to be ambitious”, Harish smiled.

Mansi didn’t say anything.

Harish took 5-6 snaps from various positions. Mansi was doing well and had good sensual look on her face.

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“Alright, now we take this up a notch, Okay?”, Harish said as he moved towards Mansi a bit.

“We are now going to make this more sensual. Your posture, face and expression should create ripples.. Try your best”, he said.

Mansi didn’t speak. She just nodded.

Harish, sensing no objection from her, moved closer and asked her to bend a little.

Mansi was not on her hands, facing the camera… Mansi was wearing regular Top. The neck line dropped a bit when she bent, revealing her boobs to some extent.

Harish could see half of her milky white boobs on the camera. It excited him a lot.

“Bend some more”, he waved as he adjusted the lenses.

Mansi did as asked.

Harish took some snaps. He was good at it. He then asked Mansi to get into some more erotic poses. She did them without any fuss. She too was enjoying the attention now.

“Alright, I think you are already on par with regular Models, that I take snaps of on daily basis”, Harish beamed,” Can you now take it up a notch?”.

“What do you mean?”, Mansi asked, wiping her face…

“I mean, it takes guts to be a famous personality these days… on top of that, a good or best model would have to be open to demands… If you know what I mean…”, Harish scratched his stubble.

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“Sure.. go ahead.. I want to learn new things.. I’ll do it”, Mansi said…

Harish was happy with her reply.

He gave her some dresses to wear.

“Please change your clothes.”, He said.

Mansi looked at them. They were skimpy. Too thin and short ones. She didn’t mind wearing them. She had worn a similar dress while Ashraful was fucking her at their Assam house….

She went into a small changing room and changed into one of the bikinis. He was very small. The bra was too skimpy and covered only her nipples. She had big boobs.. most of it were naked… The panty was almost a thong. Small 2 inch cloth strip in front and half of it at the back..

Back of the panty was already in between her big ass… She walked towards the podium and stood there..

“Ah.. you look gorgeous Mansi”, Harish exclaimed..

“Alright, sit on the stool. Spread your legs and hold your arms behind your head.. Also tilt your head backwards a bit.”, He said as he peeked into the camera…

Mansi did as told.

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Her legs were wide now.. He almost hairy pussy bush was clearly visible. Only the pussy lips were hidden, everything else was visible. Her boobs almost popped out of the bra when she titled backwards.

“Wait, lemme adjust that..”, Harish said.

He came up the podium and untied the bra strap from behind.

Mansi’s boobs were free now and the small bra patch slipped up, exposing her big black areolas. Harish adjusted the bra patch on her nipples by holding her boobs and once he was satisfied, he went back to his camera.

Mansi got excited by his touch.

Harish took 12-15 snaps from different angles and positions.

“Ok, you are doing a marvelous job, Mansi.. “, Harish commended..,” Now we take this forward and make it more spicy.. Alright?”,

Mansi nodded. She knew what was going to happen.

“Now, remove everything and lie down on the podium… place your left hand on your left boob… be sure to not cover all of it.. “, Harish smiled.. as he moved his camera on podium.

Mansi was swift in removing her already loose bra and skimpy panty. He hairy pussy was already wet. Nipples erect.

Harish saw this.. He had a tent in his pant..

Mansi giggled as she stole a glance at his situation.

“C’mon now.. you know this is a very hot situation… “, Harish exclaimed.. ,”Maybe, I should remove some of mine too..”

Mansi didn’t reply…

Harish removed his T-shirt and Pant in no time. He was hairy and had a frenchie underwear on him. He had thick pubic hair which was clearly visible to Mansi…

“Ok.. now, get into the position.. I’ll take the snaps…”… He said holding the camera..

Mansi followed his orders and Harish took some snaps.

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“Now lie down on your stomach, raise your ass and look back at me…”, He said…

Mansi lied down. She was on her stomach now. Then she raised her ass in the air. Her wet pussy was glistening in the light.

“Ok, now stay still.. I’ll make some adjusts and then take the snaps..”, he said as he moved towards her pussy….

He then put a finger in her pussy and lubricated it for a while.. Her pussy lips were now wide open.. Afterwards he spat and caresses the bush. It was now nicely parted in between and insides of Mansi’s pussy clearly visible.

Harish zoomed in and took some snaps.

Mansi stayed idle as if nothing strange was happening to her.

Harish then got up and removed his underwear. His black cock, surrounded my thick hairs was standing erect. He placed his cock on Mansi’ wet pussy and took some snaps.

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“We need to make it more realistic these days”, He said as he entered her from behind..

Mansi nodded and closed her eyes.

Harish’s cock wasn’t too big but was fat. Mansi was enjoying it with closed eyes.

Harish was fucking her in slow rhythm and taking snaps.

After a while, he put his camera aside and started pumping her with more effort. His cock was coming and going in Mansi’ pussy with force now… Whole studio was filled with ‘fuccchhhh….fuucccchhhh’ sounds.

It sounded more erotic with Mansi’ soft moans and Harish’s grunts.

Harish fucked her for 8-10 minutes and cummed inside her pussy.. Mansi stayed still.. She was happy and content.

After cumming inside her.. Harish got up and cleaned himself. Mansi got up and went to changing room. She cleaned herself and wore her Top and jeans.

“Here you go”, Harish handed Mansi Rs. 2000.”, This is your first payment. You are a wonderful Model. Come tomorrow, I’ll ask some of the elite Model casting directors to come and see you. You’ll get famous now..”.

Mansi smiled. She didn’t speak a word, took the money and walked out of the studio.

It was almost 5pm now. Amar would be back in an hour. She took a cab back home.

More to follow in next part .

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