Me With My Sexy Bhabhi Who Caught Me Naked – hindi story

This is the story of me and my sexy bhabhi. I was born and raised in Rawalpindi. I was born in a middle-class family who were hardworking. And, I wasn’t aware of sex until this incident. To study for my engineering degree, I moved to Islamabad and stayed with my brother and bhabhi. My brother had a small business and he used to go to the office early around 7:00 am and would come back around 8:00 pm.

My bhabhi used to do full pardah. Normally, she used to wear a proper shalwar kamees, scarf at home. When I was around (which was most of the time), she would cover her face (naqab) and put on extra big shawl around her. My brother’s apartment was a 3 bedroom and 1 bathroom one. It had only one shower which we used to share.

A bit about me now. I am 5’9″, 84 kg. I have short black hair, grey eyes. And, I am not heavy muscular but slim with tone up body. I never kept unwanted hair so I always had clean armpits, clean crotch, and clean butt. During my engineering degree, I learned about sexual stuff (oral, anal sex, masturbation everything) but my conscious never allowed me to masturbate.

However, to shave my cock closely, I started to rub my cock and get it hard so I can shave it closely. I used to shave my crotch every 3 to 4 weeks. I never measured my cock size and never ever kissed a girl till after my graduation.

When I finished my degree and exams, I got home, locked my shower door and shaved my armpits, my cock, my balls and my butt crack. I had 6 weeks to my graduation ceremony so I decided to visit my parents and spend some time with them. I went to Islamabad and stayed there almost all of my vacation.

Then, I came back 5 days before my graduation and it was time to start looking for a job also. These 5 weeks I did not shave so I went to shower and locked the door. I thought I locked the door but I did not know it was broken. So, as usual, I got naked, shaved my armpits and then rubbed my cock to get it hard and shaved my cock and my balls.

I was about to start shaving my butt (my cock was still fully hard) when the bathroom door opened and my bhabhi came in wearing a white color shalwar kamees with a black scarf, black naqab and as usual a big black shawl. She saw me naked, she saw my solid hard cock and scream “Uffff tauba. Itna?”.

Her eyes were wide open and she stared at my cock for some time and she left. I was embarrassed as this all happened so suddenly I did not have a chance to cover. When my bhabhi left, I completed my shave, took shower covered up and left. That day, I could not meet my bhabhi’s eyes but from the next day, everything changed.

I was at home the next day and for the first time, I saw my bhabhi without a scarf and without a shawl. She was still covering her face (naqab) and she had a deep neck kamees. Some of her cleavages were visible. My bhabhi had a light color skin and for the first time, I was seeing her cleavage and her skin.

I ignored it but my bhabhi bent down to pick some coins from my floor and it showed me her big tits and her black bra. She took her time bending over and revealing her big boobs. I was wearing shorts and seeing her boobs gave me hard on and my bulge was clearly visible. She came to me and touched my face (for the first time). From her eyes, I could see she was smiling. She even noticed my bulge:

Bhabhi: arsi! Aise paise nahi phenkte neeche

Me: bhabhi they came out of my jeans

Bhabhi: acha chalo koi nahi ainda neeche nahi rakhna table per rakhna.

She came close to me and I could smell her body aroma. That was first-day bhabhi touched me and came so close to me. I was so aroused but nothing happened that day. Next day bhabhi wore see-through kamees with no bra and deep neck. She still had her face covered (naqab), she was serving me breakfast standing on another side of the table and with light reflection, I could clearly see her dark pink color nipples and shape of her boobs. Again I got hard on in my shorts. I asked her

Me: bhabhi, aap theek to hain na. (I was looking at her and having breakfast)

Bhabhi: haan kyun, tumhen kia mein bemar lag rahi hoon

Me: nahi bemar nahi.

Bhabhi (hanste hue) to kia mein achi nahi lag rahi tumhen and she winks

I turned red and mumbled: nahi aap pyari ho.

She started laughing. This went on until my graduation day (for around 5 days). My graduation was on Monday when I came back. My bhabhi welcomed me in just see through nighty, she was still wearing naqab. Her nighty was barely covering her butt. It was sleeveless very open nighty. But

I could see her boobs, her pubic area, her pussy everything. I was shocked, I asked

Me: bhabhi aap aise.

Bhabhi: kyun devar ji, mein aise pyari nahi lag rahi kia

Me: bhabhi per.

Bhabhi: (came to close to me placed her hand on my back) per kia arsi. Kyun mein khubsurat nahi hoon

And she hugged me.

That was the tip over point for me. I hugged bhabhi back and kissed her neck. She immediately started caressing my head moving her fingers in my hair.

I holded bhabhi in my hands ar arm’s length and looked in her eyes and asked “Bhabhi kia yeah sahi hai”

Bhabhi: kia mein tumhen pasand nahi hoon?

Me: bhabhi aap to bht pyari hain bht khubsurat hain

Bhabhi: bas to pyar ki limit nahi hoti

She hugged me again and whispered in my ear “Bas mera naqab nahi utarna”

I pushed her to the wall and kissed her on the neck, bit her neck with my lips and she started moaning “Ufff arsi”

I kissed bhabhi on her neck and kissed down to her tits and kissed her tits over her nighty. She was continuously moaning. She removed my graduation gown and my shirt. I was in my jeans now. I lifted her in my arms and brought her to my room. Then, I put her on the floor beside my bed and removed her nighty completely. She smiled and did not even tried to hide anything.

Me: bhabhi. Uffff kitni hottt ho aap

Bhabhi: acha kia pasand aya tumhen

Me: abhi batata hoon dekhne to do poora

Bhabhi: laughed

I looked at my naked bhabhi, her tits her, pussy. I turned her around and looked at her back and her butt.

Me: bhabhi uff aap ki her chees tight hai

I hugged bhabhi from behind again kissing her neck, her shoulders my hands went to her tits. I was playing with her tits, I took her earlobe in my mouth, sucked it, bit it and whispered “Bhabhi mein aap ke poore jism per kiss kerna chahta hoon”

Bhabhi: arsi meri jaan kis ne roka hai yeah poora jism tumhara hi hai. Loot lo aaj mujeh

I pushed bhabhi on the bed face down. I came on top of bhabhi and started kissing her shoulders, her back, slowly moved down to her waist. Then, I came further down and when I touched her butt. She tried to turn

Bhabhi: arsi meri jaan wahan nahi, wahan smell hoti hai woh jagah gandi hoti hai

Me: bhabhi aap ko kaise pata smelly hai. Aur aap ne hi to kaha ke aap ka poora jism mera hai to aaj mujeh mat roko

I forced back bhabhi and kissed her butt. She was moaning all the time

Bhabhi: arsi please jaan udhar nahi. She never stopped moaning

I spread bhabhi’s butt and revealed her brown tight ass hole. It was my first time seeing an ass hole so close. I could not control and sniffed it

Me: ufffff bhabhi yeah to waqai smelly hai ufffff

Bhabhi: kaha tha na chor do wahan

Me: bhabhi per aap ki yeah smell mujeh aur tarpa rahi hai, mujeh achi lagi aap ki smell and I brought my nose very close to her ass hole and sniffed it again, deep sniff.

And then I immediately kissed her tiny ass hole which made her jump with sensation and I started licking her ass hole, rubbing my tongue around her tiny hole and slowly to her hole. Now bhabhi was fully turned on and she started responding.

I was licking bhabhi’s ass hole, moving my tongue on her tight hole, trying to push my tongue in her ass but her ass was so tight. I licked her hole in o shape I spread her legs and my fingers went for her pussy while I was still feeding on her smelly ass hole. Her pussy was super wet. I turned bhabhi around and she was breathing heavy. She looked at me

Bhabhi: arsi tum bht gande ho

I came on top of bhabhi and started sucking her boobs and playing with them.

Me: bhabhi ganda kyun.

Bhabhi: tum ne meri gandi jagah bhi lick ki woh bhi smelly

Me: bhabhi aap ko kia pata kitna maza aya hai aap ki smelly ass lick kerne mein uff bht strong smell hai per aap ki ass bht yummy hai

Bhabhi: arsi phir to tumhen meri chut aur pasand ayegi

Me: bhabhi aap ki chut to bht geeli ho rahi hai

Bhabhi: haan tumhare bhai ne to kabhi maza nahi dia. Tum thanda keroge na mujeh arsi

Me: bhabhi zaroor aap ki her tarap ko mita doon ga lekin bhabhi mein ne aaj tak kisi ko kiya nahi

Bhabhi: chal badmash, waise bhi her chees ka first time hota hia

I started kissing bhabhi from her boobs down to her belly button. I licked her belly button for some time, her belly kept shivering with my lick and I moved down. Bhabhi had her legs already spread so I went down to her clean shaved pussy. She had no trace of hair so neatly shaved.

I kissed all around her pussy, traced my tongue all around her pussy on her super soft shaved skin. Bhabhi was moaning louder and finally, she broke

Bhabhi: uff arsi chod do ab to mujeh ab nahi raha ja rha hai

Me: smilingly: kyun itni jaldi kia hai bhabhi. Ab to yeah poora jism mera hai us ke to mein khub maze loon ga

I kissed the wet pussy of bhabhi and she screamed louder:

Bhabhi: “Ufff arsiiii. Yeah kia ker rahe ho uffff mar gai mein”

I kissed bhabhi’s pussy full length and then lickhed her wet ness over her pussy lips

Bhabhi: “Uffff arsiiii”

I licked the full length of bhabhi’s lips and then took her pussy lips into my mouth and sucked them. I then spread bhabhi’s pussy lips and licked her clit teased it with my tongue and she reached her first orgasm. Her whole body shuddered shivered and she screamed and leaked lots and lots of juices. I licked all her juiced every single drop

Bhabhi: “Uff arsi ab to chod do. Ab to jhar bhi gai mein”

I did not stop continued licking her clit more and more and then moved my tongue down and inserted my tongue into her pussy and started licking her. Again within a few seconds of that bhabhi had the second orgasm and she came again in my mouth. I made her cum 4 to 5 times before

I stood up and smiled. She was smiling back

Bhabhi: ab kia irada hai

Me: bhabhi ab aap ki bari, ab aap mujeh nanga kero and I lied on the bed.

Bhabhi: sharam kero bhabhi ke samne nage hoge (she started smiling and opened my jeans)

Me: bhabhi ki to respect mein nanga ho rha hoon. Bhabhi bhi to nangi hai

Bhabhi smilingly removed my jeans and she saw a big bulge in my underwear. I could see the shine in her eyes. She looked at me and pulled my underwear down. My fully hard solid cock came in front of her

Bhabhi: uffff tauba yeah kitna bara hai arsi

Me: smilingly: kia bara hai bhabhi

Bhabhi: touched her 1 finger.Yeah tumhara lun aur kitna hard hai yeah. Thero mein aati hoon

Bhabhi left the room and came back with measuring tape. She touched my cock

Me: smilingly. Kia ker rahi ho bhabhi

Bhabhi: dekhne to do kitna bara hai mere devar ka lun

Bhabhi measured the length first from base. She exclaimed “Uffff 9″. Uff arsi tum bht lucky ho aur tumhari biwi ke to maze honge”. Then she measured the round of my cock from the middle, it was 3.5 inch.

Bhabhi: “Uff arsi mein to mar jaoongi yaar”

Me: bhabhi kuch nahi hota acha chalo ab mera lund chooso

Bhabhi: (slapped my leg) gande mein nahi choosongi yahan se tum paishab kerte ho.

Me: bhabhi mein ne bhi to chati thi aap ki paishab wali place. Chalo kuch nahi hota

Bhabhi: please arsi yeah gand hai

Me: acha ik kiss to kero

Bhabhi slowly took my cock under her naqab and kissed the head.

Me: acha ab is ke tope ko lick kero aur us ko chooso

Bhabhi: licked the head first and slowly gave a deep kiss on cock head and then she sucked my cock head. Then she slowly licked the full length of my cock from head to base all around and then she took my cock in her mouth and started sucking it. It felt so good. She was teasing my cock with her tongue and sucking me. She could take only 2/3rd of my cock in her mouth. I lost my patience and put bhabhi on the bed and came between her legs. She held her naqab on her face and looked in my eyes

Bhabhi: kia irada hai:

Me: bhabhi yeah gunah to nahi hai na. I placed my cock on her wet pussy

Bhabhi: tum mujh se pyar kerte ho

Me: jee bhabhi bht

Bhabhi: to pyar ki koi limit nahi hoti and pyar gunah nahi hai daal do. Magar aram se tumhara bht bara hai. Oil use ker lo

Me: (smilingly) bhabhi oil na mard use kerte hain

I slowly pushed the head of my cock into her pussy. She screamed so loud “Uffff arsii. Mar gai”

Me: “Ufff bhabhi bht tight ho aap”

Bhabhi: “Kameene tabhi to kaha tha oil use ker lo. Ufff arsi phar di tum ne to meri”

I slowly pushed my cock into her pussy, and every cm of my cock spread her pussy and entered slowly cm by cm. Her pussy was wet but still so tight and bhabhi was screaming. I was halfway in bhabhi. She had tears flowing from her eyes

Me: uff bhabhi bht maza aa rha hai tumhari choot mein. Bht tight hai tumhari choot aur under se bht garam

Bhabhi: arsi. Tumhara lund bht bara hai bht dard ho rha hai mujeh. Please nikal do

Me: ab nahi raha jata bhabhi jaan

Bhabhi: kyun kia kerne.

I suddenly thrust my cock harder and pushed my remaining half cock in one go deep inside her pussy hitting her deeper and harder. She screamed louder and her eyes opened so wide

Bhabhi: ufff mar gai. Maaaa. Maar dala mujeh. Ufff arsi itna bara. Kameene aram se chodo tumhari randi nahi hoon mein. Uffff

Bhabhi was crying

Me: bhabhi first time hai na, aap ki choot jab tak used to ho mere lun ke.

Bhabhi: saale itna bara lun le ker ghoomta hai.

Now I slowly started moving in out of her pussy slowly with short strokes slowly in out in out. Her pussy was so wet making noises. She was moaning and slowly she got used to it and hugged me. I was completely over her in her arms, her legs wrapped around me on my butt and I was moving slowly in out in out.

Bhabhi: uff arsi ab bht maza aa rha hai ufff. Chodo mujeh

I slowly increased the stroke length now moving half of my cock in out in out of her pussy. Bhabhi had 2 to 3 orgasms

Me: bhabhi: kasam se bht naram and garam hai aap ki choot bhabhi

Bhabhi: ufff arsi: aur kitna chodo ge. Kab farigh ho ge.

Me: (smilingly) itni jaldi kia hai bhabhi. Waise bhi yeah mera first time hai dont know kitna chale ga

Bhabhi: tumhara bhai to 1 min nahi chalta farigh ho jata hai

Me: bhabhi ab tum mere uper aao tum sawar kero mere lun ki

Bhabhi: (with surprise) mein uper woh kaise.

I pulled my cock out of her, it was white with her juices and her juices were dripping from my rock hard cock. I showed bhabhi porn video of a girl sitting on a cock. Then, I lied on the bed.

Bhabhi: try ker sakte hain

She came on top of me, placed my cock on her pussy and slowly sank down.

Bhabhi: “Ufff arsi. Mar gai mein”

I holded bhabhi.

Me: bas bhabhi thora aur under lo.

Slowly my cock went all the way inside her and she started riding me. I sat down, hugged her kissed her neck and moved my hand to her ass hole and started rubbing her ass hole while she was riding me. I started getting close to my orgasm and she slowed down

Me: bhabhi ab na ruko please ab nahi raha ja rha hai

Bhabhi: arsi mujh se bhi nahi ho rha hai.

I picked bhabhi in the same position and flipped so I came on top of her and started fucking her half cock in half cock out in out in out faster.

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