Trapping Aunty while traveling in Train from Araku to Vizag

Hi Indian Sex story Readers, This is my 3rd post which happened in 2009 June when I visit my friend Marriage near Vizag and i visited Araku valley alone and this incident happened while returning to Vizag in a Train. My name is Rohith, currently 37 years old living in Bangalore and working as IT professional with good physique and attractive as well with pink lips, dimples in cheeks, heavy hair on chest and body and broad shoulders.

Coming to the Incident, i boarded the last train at 6 pm and searching for a seat where atleast good looking girl or Aunty so that can seduce them, didn’t find any good ladies in 3 bogies and in 4th bogie i saw a dusky and big fatty women and little medium fat aunties, i roam around them twice and they also saw me once while I checking on them then I decided to seduce either one of them.

I got a seat facing the big fat lady in the next row seats. Fat lady say her name like Sandhya aged about 41, she was checking on me and i was constantly looking on her and she caught me more than 5 times and laughed at me couple of times and i also responded back with mischievous smiles for couple of times.

I was acting like reading news paper and watching her, sandhya signalled her friend Ramanamma aged 40 about me nd Ramanamma also joined her and looking at me, winking at me, laughing at me, even their families are present with their hubbies and children’s, either me or the ladies didn’t stop flirting each other.

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I decided to proceed further, i wrote down my phone number on the news paper and signaled them to take it. Sandhya and Ramanamma got excited with my dare and decided to take news paper casually as if wants to read news paper.

Sandhya called me and asked me for news paper, i offered the paper, one of her children took from me and handed to Sandhya, but Ramanamma (medium fat) took paper forcefully from Sandhya(fat lady) and tear down the paper where my phone number was written and kept the paper in her blouse with seductive smile.

Train was moving slowly as it is full ghat session, i moved near to bathroom in the train and looking at both ladies and winking them, Ramanamma came to my side in prediction of going to bathroom, i moved back to hide for other people, she went to bathroom and while closing the door she stopped and winked me and seductive smiled at me then locked the door. I was moved to open area and looking at Sandhya but her husband looked at me and doubting her wife sandhya and asking what’s happening and Sandhya told that nothing, seems the boy is out of mind and laughed at me then i stood back to hide to other people.

Ramanamma opened the bathroom and checked her friend and husband and children and no one is looking at us then she came near me and turned her back towards me and peeping in checking if anyone is coming. I dared and kissed on her back at her open place bear blouse and she looked back and gave me her number and checked whether i have taken it correctly or not and asked me to call once we reach Vizag. I said will call definitely and asked about me where i am going and where i am staying in vizag, i told her am here on visit from Bangalore and staying in a hotel near beach. She asked me to call her again definitely.

We moved to our seats in train and Sandhya passed my news paper and their she wrote her phone number and signalled me to call her, i was interested in Ramanamma only as Sandhya looks too fat in all areas of her body, i note down their numbers and gave missed call to both of them and signalled them its me who gave missed call, they both nodded and saved my number!
Train is moving very slowly, all of sudden lights were gone in my bhogie and in another 3 bhogies, all are panicked and children were shouting in joy and booeing loudly and on the other side we all saw lightnings from outside by insects and children felt happy seeing lightnings from insects.

I crossed both ladies and blushed sandhyas leg with my leg so hard and she caught my hand and pinched me, i signaled to Ramanamma to come to other bathroom side and i was waiting for her, ramanamma came after a minute and hints me to be careful as their husbands might doubt and caught us, I asked for kiss and hug, Ramanamma said not now and try to go back, but i hold her hand and squeezing her left ass very hard, suddenly lights were back and ramansmma pretended like washing her face and i hide back at the door side but train is not starting, again after few seconds power is gone and immediately pulled Ramanamma on me hugged tightly and kissed her very arrogantly for 10 seconds and left her and she rushed back to her seat, i came back after 10 minutes to my seat and behaved normally and we reached Vizag and we were saying bye and asking to call each other until we come out from station.

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I catch auto to my hotel, reached around 10pm and mastrubated very hard thinking about fucking ramanamma in all holes and i squirted alot after 5 minutes and slept as am tired very bad!

Next day morning at 10 am I got call from Ramanamma and asking me to meet them in beach now, I locked my room and came down and took auto to beach and they were in call in guiding me to reach them, but i was in dilemma how to manage and talk with two of them and convince only one lady, they were waiting in front of park besides the beach and i reach them and we went inside where no one sees us and sat on a table where ramanamma is sitting in center to us.

Sandhya started the conversation:

What do you do, where u r from, what is your age, ramanamma said that you both are liked each other so you have to be careful with your families and said be safe!!

I told them that am from good community (Reddy’s) with good family background from Bangalore but native of andhra, working in software mnc and can trust me and told Ramanamma to trust me.
Sandhya left us and waiting at 200 metres ahead us so that we can talk freely! Ramanamma told about her husband and kids and living in Hyderabad and came to vizag to meet their relatives and asking again about me and i told her to trust me and this relationship will be between us only.

Her: I trust you rohith, i feel you in train and was in dream about you since yesterday night

Me: true, even i was in same feeling the moment i saw you in train and after kissing you I decided to have you in my life

Her: she kissed me on my cheeks with love in feeling and i kissed her back on her lips and sucked her lips for a minute and Sandhya was looking at us and came near to us and asked us to leave back somewhere.

I told them we can goto my hotel and its safe as it’s good hotel(3*).

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Sandhya asked us to drop her near home and we can decide further, we catch auto to Sandhya relatives home and ramanamma also said she will go home and call me later to pick her then she can come to my hotel, i agreed and dropped them near their house and i am back to hotel and waiting for Ramanamma phone, she called me after lunch and asked me to pick her near home.
I went in auto and picked her and headed to hotel, while traveling in auto we discussed if someone asks about ramanamma then I should tell them that she is my sister and came to visit me, i agreed.

We reached hotel and no one asks about her in hotel lobby and in corridor, we reached my room and locked inside and switched on tv with full sound so that no one can hear or suspects us!

I hugged her very hard and kissed on her lips so passionately and squeezing her big melons so hard, she moaning alot ummmmm…hummmm…ahaaa…she stopped kissing me to take a break to catch her breath and she hugged me so hard and biting my lips so erotically and hold my dick on my jeans and squeezing it.

I was in pain as she biting alot ufff…hummmm…abbbbbaaaa…ummmmmm…i put my tongue into her mouth and she started sucking so violently as if she wants to eat my tongue and i stopped her and puller her saree and removed her blouse and panty, she didn’t wear any bra and her melons were hanging and her nipples are poking and very stiff.

She removed my dress and underwear and holds my dick, my dick is big in size 6″, she pulled my dick to and fro and asked me to suck her boobs. I pushed her on bed and fall on her and took one boob in my mouth and sucking alot and in other hand i hold her left boob and squeezing a lot and pinching her nipples, she moaning a lot asking to suck hard and squeeze her tits alot, i shifted to other boob in my mouth and squeezing left boob violently, she started moaning like ufff, please suck it baby, suck them its all yours, squeeze it, pinch them hard drink the milk if comes, oh my baby suck them yeah suck it ufff fuck you rohith…fuck me making me crazy by sucking!

Make me your slut babe, i am your whore and bitch use me in all my holes fuck me in all my holes, then we switched to 69 position where she started stroking my dick ver hard and her full mouth got full with my dick and she is not able to breath properly as my dick is big in size.

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She stopped sucking and lie down on back and asked me to fuck in missionary style, i hold my dick and pushed in her pussy hole and she shouted in pain as her pussy is so tight even she cummed already, i pull back and thrust hard again and she started crying in pain but didn’t ask me to remove, i remain silent for sometime and started fucking her, I was fucking her slowly for a min then started stroking hard in her pussy where she started shouting and enjoying and asking to fuck hard!

I was fucking her very hard where she moaning alot in joy..fuck fuck fuck me hard yeah you do very good babe, fuck me like that, i am yours babe..fuck me hard fuck fuck it tear my pussyyyy oh my god fuck youuuuuuuu i am cumming babe and she cum alot but I didn’t cum yet and increased my speed and i cum alot in her pussy and hugged her and kissed on her forehead and on eyes, cheeks and lips and slept on her for some time.

We had two more hardcore sessions in bathroom and one more on bed in standing position that day and Ramanamma left at 6 and i depart to Bangalore same day evening!

We met in velankanni and i travelled her home in Hyderabad where we had good fuck sessions! I am planning to visit her again and even she is asking to meet once!

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